• Together We Are – May 2011 Update

    The clock is running down for my friend Rebecca’s project Together We Are. But it’s not almost over, it’s just beginning. In a matter of days, she’ll be embarking on a three month adventure in Africa. But despite all the support from friends and family, and even the scholarships and video awards she’s won … …

  • 2011 Ford Focus

    Promo for the 2011 Ford Focus. Shot for Lyons Township High School‘s submission to the “Ford Focus On Schools” competition.

  • Puppies: Revisited

  • Ghostventures

    The pilot episode of GHOSTVENTURES brings us into a former insane asylum in New Zealand. Brad leads the team that includes Leroy (equipment technician) and Trevor (clairvoyant / camera man). The violent history of the asylum has led to reports of equally disturbing encounters that many have had since it was shut down. Will the …